Bremen (DE)


I am a research associate at the Digital Media Lab at the University of Bremen. My work at the collaborative research center “Everyday Activity Science and Engineering” focuses on semantic disambiguation for robots using image schemas and mental simulation. In my free time, I build small open source projects and sometimes contribute to bigger ones.


University of Bremen

Research Associate

Embodied simulations for natural language understanding.

  • Member of the collaborative research center “EASE”.

Osnabrück University


Teaching “Basic Programming in Python”

  • Evaluation in many categories in the top 10%.

Osnabrück University


Tutor for Machine Learning and Computer Vision.

Level Up Analytics GmbH

Part time Data Engineer Intern

Data pipelining and backend development for Wasabi.

  • Introduced data format versioning.

Intuit Inc.

Data Engineer Intern

Docker setup for Wasabi on Windows.

  • Bookmarking feature for Wasabi.
  • Internal teaser presentation on machine learning.

Intuit Inc.

Data Engineer Intern

Backend development for Wasabi, an open source A/B testing SaaS platform.

  • Added a flexible audit log system


Osnabrück University

Cognitive Science
Master of Science
GPA: 1.1 (with distinction)
  • Machine Learning
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Thesis: Gaze Tracking Using Common Webcams

Osnabrück University

Computer Science
Master of Science (discontinued)
GPA: n/a
  • AI & Robotics
  • Uncertainty Treatment in Automation Engineering
  • E-Learning

Osnabrück University

Cognitive Science
Bachelor of Science
GPA: 1.9
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Vision
  • Thesis: Probabilistic Robot Localization in Continuous 3D Maps

Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi

Computer Engineering
Erasmus Exchange
GPA: 1.25 (converted)
  • Computer Animation
  • Robot Motion Planning and Control
  • Database Management Systems

Städtisches Gymnasium Sundern

Allgemeine Hochschulreife (Abitur)
High School
GPA: 1.8
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry


D. Beßler, R. Porzel, M. Pomarlan, A. Vyas, S. Höffner, M. Beetz, R. Malaka, J. Bateman: Foundations of the Socio-physical Model of Activities (SOMA) for Autonomous Robotic Agents. FOIS 2021
D. Alexandrovsky, S. Putze, M. Bonfert, S. Höffner, P. Michelmann, D. Wenig, R. Malaka, J. D. Smeddinck: Examining Design Choices of Questionnaires in VR User Studies. CHI '20, ACM
S. Putze, D. Alexandrovsky, F. Putze, S. Höffner, J. D. Smeddinck, R. Malaka: Breaking The Experience: Effects of Questionnaires in VR User Studies. CHI '20, ACM
J. Pfau, R. Porzel, M. Pomarlan, V. S. Cangalovic, S. Grudpan, S. Höffner, J. Bateman, R. Malaka: Give MEANinGS to Robots with Kitchen Clash: A VR Human Computation Serious Game for World Knowledge Accumulation. ICEC-JCSG 2019, Springer


Inside (school magazine)

Co-Founder, Art Editor, Editor

Layout and editing of articles, organizing team meetings.

  • Increased initial circulation from 200 to 500, effectively reaching every second student.



Tutor at Biologically oriented Computer Vision group

Tool for video stream manipulation in Jupyter notebooks.


Internship at Intuit Data Engineering and Analytics

Software as a service platform to perform platform agnostic A/B testing using a REST API.

Machine Learning Exercise Sheets

Tutor at Biologically oriented Computer Vision group

Homework sheets for the machine learning class at Osnabrück University.


Schülerzeitungspreis 2011: Sonderpreis Crossmedial
Bundesverband Deutscher Zeitungsverleger (BDZV)
Awarded for the Inside magazine for combining print and online media.
2nd Place “WoRtWiTz”
MHMK, Hochschule für Medien und Kommunikation
Awarded for the Inside magazine with praise especially of the professional layout and high quality articles.


  • Python (8+ years)
  • C# (3+ years)
  • LaTeX (11+ years)
  • Java (5+ years)
  • C++ (3 years)
  • Matlab (2 years)
  • HTML/CSS (13+ years)
  • R, Prolog, JavaScript, PHP
Software development & tooling
  • git (9+ years)
  • Docker (4+ years)
  • bash (10+ years)
  • GNU Make (6+ years)
  • Github Actions, Gitlab CI, Travis
  • macOS/Linux/Windows (6/10/17+ years)
Frameworks & Libraries
  • TensorFlow/Keras/Pytorch (4/2/1+ years)
  • numpy/scipy/scikit-learn (8+ years)
  • matplotlib (8+ years)
  • SteamVR, OpenCV, dlib, OpenGL, Spark
Database systems & languages
  • SQLite, MySQL/MariaDB, Cassandra, SPARQL, Fuseki
  • ROS (1+ years)
  • pandoc (5+ years)
  • Raspberry Pi, Arduino, esp8266
  • Unity3D (3+ years)
  • 3D printing (1+ years)
  • AWS, Azure, self-hosted
  • home-assistant


Native speaker